Are You White Swan or Black?

The truth is when I look at you all I see is the white swan. Yes you’re beautiful, fearful, and fragile. Ideal casting. But the black swan? It’s a hard job to dance both.

-Thomas (The Director. The Prince.) from Black Swan

To showcase both the Dark and The Light. That is the central mission of this Dark Night movie. Think Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake – The dual role of the Swan Queen.

The light-minded individual rises above their instinctual drives (for power, status, sex, material possession, etc.) and lives by an unselfish moral code that assures their beauty in the eyes of all. To the light, life is a precious gift that owes them nothing. To live in harmony with God, in service of other people and other organisms makes them feel right as rain with the world. This is the way of grace. And nobody who loves by way of grace ever comes to a bad end.

To the dark-minded individual, the castigation of their personality by religious society only pushes them further away from grace. To entertain the light is to yearn for it, but at the same time know it in their heart to be an unrealistic pipe-dream. Thousands of years of evolution have rendered their instincts irrefutable. So they play pranks on the nuns and laugh at their self-imposed restrictions, which they deem fruitless. To the dark the world is their oyster and they will take from it what they can. This is the way of nature.

Balancing equally these two ways of being is very difficult, as I’m sure you probably know or can imagine. It’s hard not to piss off either side, or both at the same time😆 Already I know parts of this movie are going to send religious purists into a tizzy. Similarly, any attempt at moral indoctrination will bobble bewitching eyes.

I do not have an agenda here, apart from inspiring you, and getting it right. What I mean by right is truth. Ultimately, I believe in the good of people you see. In my mind there should be… something to fear, yes, but nothing to hide. And I suppose this assumption will either be my downfall, or it will lead to something very inspiring.

What are your thoughts about this dichotomy as I presuppose it? Are my observations grounded? The success of this movie depends on me having an accurate understanding here.


10 thoughts on “Are You White Swan or Black?

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  1. I’m with the black swan. The black swan has a greater understanding of the nature of reality, and is positioned to profit from it. The white swan is an innocent, ready to be trampled by the world. No rapprochement is possible between the two of them, as the white swan will always try to block the black swan’s plans.

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  2. Binaries are easier constructs for our brains to feel comfortable within its surroundings. Such as good and evil. Works well with things like Star Wars and Harry Potter. It’s when evil and good get stretched that books (or movies in your case) tend to get more interesting. More human, should I say. But take it a bit further with linguistics and you have this

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  3. I can tell you that I am both. For 22 years I was a white only swan, only good, always generous, completely innocent. But after my father died, a bad part of me came out that I didn’t know I had. I’ve done things that I regret. I got to know a really dark side of me. It was useful to live it, because we are made of both essences, but I can tell you that it took away a lot of energy. It was like having a terrible fire inside me, it didn’t go out, it burned very hard, I couldn’t put it out. It fueled perverse desires, and I had access to incredibly powerful parts of me. This, however, absorbed a lot of energy and even if it allowed me to evolve towards my current luminous balance, it was really hard to stay healthy and calm. Above all to stay next to the person I loved. But in the end I chose and therefore I think I made the best choice. Now every now and then the black swan tries to get its head out and it shakes a little but I put it back in and cover it with my white feathers. I will never go back to being the same as before, innocent, and I have understood many things of reality (even the behavioral and inner mechanisms of people) but this instead of approaching humanity detached me because I do not accept evil, pain, suffering.

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