I Just Believe in Me (You)

John Lennon was an introverted feeling artist. The Yin to Paul McCartney’s Yang. The darkness echoing, “it can’t get much worse,” behind the brilliant chime of Getting Better All The Time.

A man purposefully entering the coal mine of his psyche in search of the diamonds buried there. Finding them. Cloaking them in soft sorrowful poetry for us to unravel in our time of need.

I want to share with you the song that moved me to tears today, Across The Universe.

“Nothing’s gonna change my world.” It’s easy to mistake some of John’s lines as purely defeatist sentiments. They are not. When you stop and think about it, if nothing will change your world then it means you have to change yourself, better yourself. And goddamnit if that isn’t the most empowering, useful, hopeful idea anybody could express. There’s always a flip-side you see…


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  1. There’s something “off” about Lennon that wasn’t “off” about McCartney. I don’t know how to put my finger on it. Lennon was dark in a gloomy way. He seemed like an obvious sourpuss. His group, the Beatles, won because it had such limited competition. It seems in this world every endeavor — from personal computers with Microsoft to popular music with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones –has very LIMITED competition. That’s why you should always pursue your heart’s dream. It’s likely the field isn’t that crowded and you have a real shot at it.

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    1. Haha yes Something off indeed😄.. it’s as much a case of being in the Perfect place at the perfect time for the Beatles. Their business team, headed by Brian Epstein was sensational. As was their producer, George Martin. I like your point about daring to dream! Appropriate as we’re talking about the king of dreamers. Fortune favors the bold!👏🏻EF


      1. The producer is often ill-appreciated. His name suggests he’s into electronics or some such trivial thing, when in fact, he MAKES the music. And Epstein worked tirelessly to promote the band, getting them on TV, getting them to America, all that. It was just a great team effort.

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