What Kind of Writer Are You?

There are only 2 ways of writing, essentially. You’re either Objective, or Subjective. For example, “The Lion King is a Disney animated feature that follows the adventures of the young lion Simba…”(Objective). Vs. “The Lion King changed my life. Thereafter my life’s purpose was to work on animated motion pictures…” (Subjective). See the difference? It’s hard to do both.

Reading your posts I notice how your writing gravitates toward one end of the spectrum. It fascinates me. And I value both! The objective – you selfless reviewers. You obsequious fact-finders, and truth tamers. I bow to you. I relish you! Just as I relish the subjective – You. Yes, YOU! You cool drink of a word spinner easing our displeasure in the heat of the night. You make me smile. You get it.

I’ve grown lazy with my writing, fallen into bad habits like crossing the streams ^^^. So I try to keep my posts shorter now.

I’m perfectly fine letting my writing go a bit, because I’ve reinvested this energy into my montage filmmaking. And I’m fully committed to quality there. After years of practice it’s finally starting to show. Screaming of the Lambs was nearly air-tight, and well received.

A Dark Night will also be NEARLY air-tight. Once you realize the scope of this thing, the degree of difficulty, I think you’ll cut me a break, like when a line of dialogue is muddled bc I couldn’t fully erase the original music blaring over the character’s speech. Or when a slow motion shot lags a little because it wasn’t meant to be shown in slow motion.

By far my biggest concern remains – whether you will be able to latch onto the unconventional method of storytelling. It worked in Screaming. It should work here. But this one is asking a little more than its predecessor. Asking you to do a little more work inside your head. Especially if you have not seen these movies. It’s a mind game for sure. The MOVIES are mind games. So it fits.

We’re gonna find out. Ohhh yes.. we’re gonna find out if this is the one where they finally come and lock him up!

I digress. Where were we?


19 thoughts on “What Kind of Writer Are You?

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      1. That’s really neat. Great way to learn the trade. I Gotta say I was thrilled to receive a comment from The Road!😎 Can we expect any posts / podcasts in the near future?


    1. Your site as a whole is very objective. One Movie at a Time is an objective mission statement. And you commit to focusing on the various production aspects of each film. But I love how you weave in your own experience in each post too! Telling us about seeing Shrek in n theaters with your fam.. and your “my favorites” pages and YouTube series are also a good compliment to your objectively focused reviews. And There’s my unsolicited perspective of f your blog haha😊

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  1. It used to be that novelists “talked” to their readers directly. (As you know….) But that dropped out of favor in the Twentieth Century. I think with that change came a sense of the writer as God. Indeed, a cult developed around the more popular writers that did not wane until their deaths. Tom Clancy, for instance, went from being a homely insurance salesman to being Super Thriller Man. It’s funny how the public tends to worship the popular, which is like worshiping itself.


  2. I’m inclined to believe that my writing is a mixture of both but perhaps more subjective. Since my posts are about how what I’m seeing affects me.

    I understand that it’s hard to focus equally on all creative endeavours at once. However, I haven’t noticed any laziness in your writing. But as they say, we are our own worst critics. 🤓

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  3. I write the way I talk, I guess. People say reading my writings is like having me in their kitchen, talking to them over a cup of coffee. I aim to write truth, but I only have the facts I know, which make up just a fraction of reality. So, I’m giving a truthful account of my imperfect perspective, which is probably what a lot of writers do. It’s also why I am always (wait for it…) seeking divine perspective.

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