Like A Dog Chasing Cars

“Do I really look like a guy with a plan?.. I just do things.”

-Joker, The Dark Knight

Does it get any cooler than this? Hans Zimmer and his badass orchestra performing The Dark Knight medley. Brace yourself around the 5:00 min mark, as your mind is about to go supersonic…

Long time readers may know I’ve been working on my own Dark Night epic passion montage for over a year now (and it could well be another year from completion). I will slow cook this project my whole life if I have to. I know I’ve hooked a very big fish, and I’m in a small kayak.

Last night I made a breakthrough that restored my confidence that I can reel this monster in, and I wanted to share this good news with you – I FINALLY have soundtrack lock. This means I have strung together the ~20 pieces of music for this ambitious, 3-Act structured montage. AND in the correct order! That was the most important part, and the part I’ve really been struggling with. You see, every twist and turn in the story must be compatible with the emotional highs and lows of the music. Not only that, but the music tracks themselves have to flow into one another emotionally and sonically. Key and time signatures have to join up always, or the spell will be broken! There is simply no margin for error on this front. It’s a jigsaw puzzle with no guiding image.

What soundtrack lock allows me to do is vastly reduce the number of possibilities for story. The music now leads the way. I simply have to listen to the music and imagine what could or should be happening visually at this moment in the music. Now the story writes itself, basically. It’s beautiful.

In The Myth of Sisyphus (1942) Camus spoke of possible roles a person can choose to take in life. One he labeled “The Conqueror.” Of which he said, “every (person) has felt himself to be the equal of a god at certain moments… But this comes from the fact that in a flash he felt the amazing grandeur of the human mind. The conquerors are merely those among men who are conscious enough of their strength to be sure of living constantly on those heights and fully aware of that grandeur” (p. 88).

Now, I am not sure of of living on those heights constantly. If I were, I imagine I’d be up on this stage with these phenomenal musicians. (How do performers do it night after night? With such passion and energy every time.) But I can say I sometimes reach great heights. And it is in these heights where my creative progress is made. I’m calling A Dark Night a ‘masterpiece or bust’ project. I sometimes feel like I’m painting the Sistine Chapel on a bungie cord. Jumping high from the ground to make each brush stroke. It’s a long and painstaking process, and dizzying. But it’s also a ton of fun.

I want to thank those of you who have advised me and supported me on this very trying journey. Your wisdom has guided me, not only creatively, but personally. I have shelved this project numerous times bc I have been able to recognize, with your feedback, it’s danger. At times it threatens to consume me, and ruin my personal life. And that is when I stop. That is when I need to remember to keep living, learning, becoming a better person.

If A Dark Night is to ever see the light of day, it must be at least as cool as this live performance. It must deliver all the feels. That is my promise to myself, and to you, my audience.

Are you a musician? What’s your favorite Hans Zimmer film score? Hope you enjoy the Hans Zimmer orchestral performance here. We are living amongst greatness.


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  1. Hi EF, I won’t dwell on the “rights or wrongs” of hiring either male or female in any job but I will say that from my musical experience, that women musicians are awesome. The story that backs this up comes from my meeting with Jennifer Batten. You may know this name, and if you ever listened to a live recording of a Michael Jackson tour you will certainly have HEARD her – Jennifer was the lead guitarist for Michael and famous for her Beat It solo. I was extremely fortunate that I was part of a project to help encourage new musicians in my county which involved schools and colleges to write, record and ultimately market their own songs which were then sold as an album for charity. Jennifer and one of Michael’s brothers helped promote/support the project and appeared at a press conference I attended, where Jennifer performed Beat It. Eddie Van Halen originally recorded that solo but Jennifer “stole” it from him and made it hers.
    Anyhoo, congrats on your breakthrough regards the music, I know how hard that can be as I had to score theatrical performances, providing suitable background tracks in college plays.
    And remember, some masterpieces are flashes of brilliance but the long lasting ones are the works that have been carefully produced and polished. So take all the time the project needs.

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    1. Hi FT, I’m rather glad you don’t dwell on the first part. I actually deleted my previous comment about hiring male or female for orchestra, bc I thought it was a little idiotic.

      Wow what an awesome story about meeting and encouraging Jennifer Batten! Eddie V’s Beat it Solo” is so badass. And that is truly impressive that she was able to make it her own!

      Thanks for sharing🙌🏼😀

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