EF 6.2: Pacific Rim (2013)

Feat. The Music of Ramin Djawadi & Tom Morello

We are cancelling The Apocalypse!

Idris Elba is feeling better, and so is humanity

Oh, and the MUSIC. Tom Morello on the guitar.

While the greatest threat to civilization is actually microscopic, a Ginormous alien monster invasion sure makes for a good pop-corn flick! The studio pried Guillermo Del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth, The Shape of Water, Hellboy) from a passion project to direct this big action block-buster, against his will. But he still delivered!

The Plot

When Godzilla-esque aliens emerge from a portal in the pacific ocean, and begin ravaging coastal cities, humanity builds giant steel mecha machines to brawl with the monsters mano a mano

Leave it to humans to believe the most optimal combat design is just a huge ass version of Dwayne Johnson😂 I’d like to be a fly on the wall in that brainstorming session. “Like, I think it should for sure have apposable thumbs.” “Most def, opposable thumbs (Check) And a frontal cortex.” (Check) …. “Torso, arms & Legs”…….”Penis???” “I mean the kids are already scared man…” “RighhhhhhhT. Okay how about the longest sword the world has every seen instead?” “DONE!!”

A Boy’s dream

These giant robots, called “Jaegers,” are custom built, with unique attacks, armor, cool pilots, and Super Huuge, Kick-Ass!🤙 BOOM!💥 POW!👊🥋⨳ VvvvvRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOO……CRSHHHh!!!.😮…

Ohhhh, This is why it took me so long to get a girlfriend🤔…

“The Deeper The Bond, The Better You Fight”

My favorite design feature of the Jaeger’s is that they require two pilots to share the neural load – just like how we have two hemispheres of the brain. The more compatible the pilots are, the more efficiently they pilot the machine. Which is why pilot crews are usually family – siblings, father-son duos, life partners, etc.
Then there’s Raleigh (Charlie Hunnam) the main character, who, hours after meeting the hot girl pilot (Rinko Kikuchi) decides they are just Soooo compatible they have to pilot together Lol.

Ok, I didn’t expect to roast this movie here as hard as I did😆 It’s actually very well done. If you can get past a lot of cheesy dialogue, and instead focus on the engineering, the incredible special effects, Awesome music, and really fun plot, you’ll have a blast!



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  1. Wow, I remember when a friend and I saw this movie in theaters. It was a fun watch. I haven’t seen the other movie or animated series though. It did annoy me when people called Pacific Rim an Evangelion ripoff. Don’t get me wrong, I see some of the parallels, but I wouldn’t call it a shameless clone. Hollywood has plagiarized stories, scenes, and characters from Japanese works (I can name some insane examples), but those EVA fans who make the claim are overdoing it.

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    1. The concept def originated from Japanese anime and manga like Evangelion, and Gundam. Which I haven’t seen. But they aren’t trying to hide it. The monsters are called “Kaiju.”

      I’m learning about more Japanese-inspired movies every day, seemingly🙂Magnificent 7 (Seven Samurai) The Ring (Ringu) The Departed (Internal Affairs) to name a few. Godzilla?

      And, scenes? There’s gotta be so many inspired.

      Neat that you got to see this one in theaters! I bet that was fun😀🙌🏼

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      1. Oh, yeah. The mecha anime influences are quite obvious. The Kaiju naming is more towards tokusatsu films and series (Godzilla, Mothra, Gamera, etc.). I personally have no issue with this since Pacific Rim is more of a genre homage to multiple Japanese media genres.

        That’s interesting. I actually wasn’t aware of that with The Departed/Internal Affairs. I’ll have to look into those parallels. The Ring was a legal remake of Ringu much like The Grudge was to Ju-On or Alita: Battle Angel was to an anime/manga series. Sadly there have been legit examples of plagiarism like how A Fistful of Dollars was to the Yojimbo series where Kurosawa sued Leone. However, some examples are obvious despite there being no legal actions taken for whatever reason. I’m going to list the Japanese examples first that predate Hollywood’s works. Not all examples are 100% identical with stories, characters, etc., but there were some painfully obvious similarities with certain examples where if the situation was reversed, the major studios would totally sue with certain things. Some of these examples I can really go into detail with mentioning the similarities and situations outside of the movies

        Battle Royale/The Hunger Games
        Nadia: Secret of Blue Water/Atlantis: The Lost Empire
        Kimba the White Lion/The Lion King (saying nothing about Disney using a plagiarized song “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” or trademarking the phrase “Hakuna Matata”)

        Yeah, some scenes can be inspired like Requiem for a Dream using the “girl screaming in the bathtub” scene from Perfect Blue since Aronovsky bought the rights to that movie just to re-create it. Fun facts: Replace J-pop singers with ballerinas and you get Black Swan and Perfect Blue is from the director of Paprika Satoshi Kon. Everybody wants to ripoff that late anime creator!

        Sure thing. It was a fun experience. Also, no disagreement about the plagiarized/Inspired By verbiage. Hahaha!


      2. Awesome comment!!🙌 You really know your movies! Don’t you? Battle Royale, YUPPP.

        I’m really interested in checking out “Paprika” / Satoshi Kon. The opening song off of “Japanese Breakfast’s” new album is called Paprika, and I was wondering why. Now I bet its bc of that!

        And Black Swan / Perfect Blue – gotta look into that as well. I’m working on a montage project (on the backburner) featuring Black Swan, and this is stuff I need to know!! I’d love to throw Perfect Blue in as a rightful respect.

        Thanks for telling me about all these!😀📽🇯🇵

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      3. Thanks! Yup, I certainly saw Battle Royale and yeah…I swear the author of THG got a few things from that movie or the book it’s based on. Hahaha!

        YES! Please check out Paprika. That was Satoshi Kon’s last movie before he died in 2010 which is the same year Inception came out which is tragic. I actually got to see Paprika before Christopher Nolan released that movie, so this was the first film associated with a plagiarism controversy where I saw the “original” first. I’ve never heard of that album. Makes me wonder if it’s named after Kon’s movie. Here’s some comparing scenes of both movies: https://imgur.com/gallery/2l2tRSy

        Sure thing. Perfect Blue is probably one of my favorite directorial debut works. Not going to lie, Satoshi Kon is one of my favorite directors. That would be cool if you had both movies for montage footage because you will see some striking parallels with the imagery.

        No problem! I’ve certainly had my fair share of articles and watching these things especially with my other film review blog on WordPress.

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      4. Awesome! Let me know when you get to watch Paprika. I’m sure you’ll enjoy that film. Speaking of unoriginal, I’d rank the “scenery shattering by reaching out one’s hand” scene in that movie the most shamelessly ripped off scene since the “dead father lion’s ghost shows up in the sky to try and motivate his son” scene in the original Kimba the White Lion series. HAHAHAHA XD

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