Be Sweet💛🛸Japanese Breakfast

“Be Sweet!”

Music, at least, is alive and well in 2021. Particularly the kind that might appeal to converse-rocking, neurotic night-crawling, establishment-stomping, wolf-shag jive-talking little freak shows. Like Michele Zauner (aka, Japanese Breakfast). The 31 year old indie rocker, and her long-time drummer / producer, Craig Hendrix just dropped their 3rd LP, “Jubilee” on June 4th (USA, via Dead Oceans).

Be Sweet is the first single from the album (released March 2nd). The bopper comes with a campy “X-Files” themed music video, directed by @jbrekkie herself, that adds some humor and metaphorical context. The crash zooms are impeccable👌😄

C’mon Point it at the sky, not your ex😉

And what timing here with the Alien theme and all, right? This came out only days before the U.S. government confirmed the existence of UFO’s! Whaaaat??> Strange times🛸

Let me know your thoughts about the music, the video, and or A-L-I-E-N-S👽 in the comments.


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