A Dark Night 😵/4

“Nobody panics when things go “according to plan”. Even if the plan is horrifying!” -The Joker

Remember when I said Act 1 was going to be the hardest??? (Cues maniacal Joker laughter)… (More laughter)…

Act 2 is proving way, WaY harder.

Never underestimate the Joker, btw, Whether you’re taking him on as an artist, or as Batman. He will mess with you. Period. Case and point here 🙋🏽‍♂️


If you’re unsure what I’m talking about in this post:

I am working on a movie montage that I’ve named A Dark Night. I am half-way finished. Halfway to hell, more like.

I thought I had the 2nd half of this montage figured out, in my head. And I do, narratively. Except, there’s a catch – the narrative is horrible. Not technically, but spiritually. It’s an emotional train wreck. So the question is, and for me it’s a moral dilemma, Why publish this?

Why publish this?

During a time when people’s psyches are especially frail.

We knew this story was never going to end well. I mean just take a look at these 5 movies:

But there’s got to be a redeemer of some kind, doesn’t there? or is life just a bitch and then you die. Everybody dies…


I won’t bore you with the hours and hours of mental turmoil this has caused me. Sufficed to say, I’m applying do diligence, and re-thinking this narrative. I don’t want it to entertain so much as I want it to say something true of human nature. And if I’m saying, as an artist, that people just go bad? And that the forces of chaos prevail? Well, those are serious accusations. And I don’t believe they are true.

Who knows, this might be my chance to contribute a verse, and I don’t want mine to be depressing. But above all, I don’t want it to be untrue.


4 thoughts on “A Dark Night 😵/4

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  1. Hi EF, if I may offer some Jedi wisdom….you have to have darkness to see the light. It would be a mistake to ignore the darker realities of life, the important thing is to learn about and avoid those aspects. So you have to have some reference sources to “experience” the darker side and you need brave artists that “tell it as it is” and show us….you are doing that and hopefully we as your audience will learn from your “teachings” and grow stronger and wiser. That can be the legacy of your production.

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    1. FT, that sounds very wise! I agree you absolutely do need darkness to see the light. There’s no good without the bad. This is a thought I I’ve been coming back to these past few days… Your comment causes me to remember, I should not underestimate my audience, either. People can decide for themselves what is wrong and what is right. I just need to keep that in mind while editing this 2nd half, and continue to show concern for the audience. Thank you.

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