The King of Shadows

Feat. The Music of Pink Floyd

“All that you touch, and all that you see…

If the profile pic is any indication, I have a thing for shadows. Needless to say, I am anxiously awaiting today’s Solar Eclipse, which is visible from North America, where I happen to reside.

Here’s is a nice bit from America’s National Public Radio station (NPR) on famous eclipses in movies, if you’re interested: In Movies, A Solar Eclipse Means Change is Coming.

I can’t help but think of one of my favorite video game characters, Lara Croft, today as well, having the time of her life.

What does the Solar Eclipse mean to you? What’s your favorite movie or story featuring a solar eclipse?

-Jason (Experience Film)

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  1. Great post, a couple of years back we had a solar eclipse here as well, but I won’t be seeing a new one in my lifetime. Unless I happen to be an immortal, which I am pretty sure that I am not lol. As for movies featuring an eclipse, I can’t think of one right at the top of my hat now. But the (horror) tv series the Strain features an eclipse that has become quite an important part of the series as well 😊

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    1. The Strain, yes I’ve heard of that. Didn’t know an eclipse factored in, very cool! Was the eclipse you had a total? or partial? My hometown was about 5 hours north of the total eclipse line, and I was going to drive south, but fate did not cooperate. It was 91% covered here, but it didn’t get dark :/

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      1. Indeed, thank you for reminding me! Most of the time I’m just slow, but I forgot you replied on that thread. I know where it is. And your comment is A++++ Awesome! I may need to reply in stages. I want to savor all that you have said. But I’m about to reply πŸ˜ƒ


      2. It was a total eclipse. So I have to say that was a very unique event to experience. Too bad I won’t be experiencing that. As for The Strain. Yeah it’s a pivotal moment in the series, and as it’s a show about vampires (though not vampires in the way that you have ever seen them), you can imagine what happens when there is a total darkness lol 😊

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  2. Hi Experience Film, I can’t think of any silver screen solar eclipses but I did witness the one which occurred two years ago in the UK! Spectacular. But I was also fortunate enough to see the “tail end” of the Milky Way, when the Earth passed a certain point in the galaxy and we could see the spiral’s tail! (I think it was around Aug of 1993, I was laid on a beach in Gdansk, Poland watching the night sky)

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    1. That is… AWESOME! Wow, what a great venue to see the Milky Way. Did you see a partial or total eclipse in the UK? My hometown was 5 hours north of the total eclipse trajectory yesterday. I had plans to drive south, thwarted by fate, as my father became ill. So we saw a 91% partial, but it didn’t get dark, only a little dim.

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      1. I think it was a total eclipse in March of 2015, but to be honest I didn’t see much of it as I studying at an Adult Ed college and all the other students clamoured around the windows before I could. It did get noticeably darker and the temperature dropped. I hope you father’s ailment wasn’t too serious and is feeling better.

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      2. I had a similar experience trying to get a glimpse with my extended family. We were all fighting over the single pair of viewing glasses we had haha.

        What did you study in college?


  3. So EX FILM, speaking of events from space, the sequel to Independence Day 2 was on television last night. I was really happy to see Brent Spinner and Jeff Goldblum found work. Got a little tired of hearing Goldblum thinking out loud his “brilliant” thoughts. So I went to bed and didn’t finish it.

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    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I never get tired of hearing YOU think out loud, Mr. Patterson.

      I’d say you were wise to turn in. You missed the attack of the ‘Zilla-sized Queen. But thats about all. I found the invasion of ’96 to be far more memorable πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½

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